Reimagine walls

Meet the new interactive light emitting wall panel, bringing light, color and stories to any space. 


Bring the outside in


LUMES integrates into interior walls and comes in many surfaces that glow, from wood to wool.



It's interactive.

With LUMES your walls have the ability to react to time, weather, touch, movement, sound & much more...

It's elegant.

Our range of light emitting surfaces provide a warmth and color unlike any other light.

It's flexible.

Use our modular tile system to create endless design configurations for spaces big or small.


Think of it as digital wallpaper

Eness lumes fabric_02.jpg

We partnered with DesignInc architects bringing LUMES to the new Children's Centre at Cabrini Hospital Malvern in Melbourne, Australia. Each LUMES panel forms an animated interactive canvas that blends into surrounding interiors.

Eness Cabrini_019.jpg