Material Options

Our LUMES tiles are designed to compliment and integrate into a diverse range of architectural projects.They come in three high quality finish options:

ENESS LUMES 285 St Kilda large_15.jpg


The bare essentials. Designed for versatility to work in high brightness, sun-filled environments. LUMES ACRYLIC is highly durable for common areas like atriums, foyers and walkways


LUMES FABRIC comes in a variety of light-filled soft materials from canvas, to wool, to synthetics. LUMES FABRIC adds a delicate look and feel with soundproofing qualities too. Great for hospitality and commercial spaces, lobbies, bars and clubs.

ENESS LUMES wood.jpg


A new take on an age old material. LUMES WOOD emits light through quality timber veneer, creating depth and warmth with an elegant architectural finish.