A new take on an age old material. LUMES WOOD emits light through quality timber veneer, creating depth and warmth with an elegant architectural finish.

Integration & Operation

We'll work with your designers and builders to ensure LUMES is integrated into your space appropriately.
Our team is involved in the design and technical installation to ensure a high quality fit and finish. Visual content is fine tuned on site and approved by the client.

Upon completion of each installation we ensure ongoing support and quality control. Our system is automated to run daily according to your needs. We offer the option to update and refresh the content at any time.



Color & Quality

LUMES WOOD panels emit colors ranging from subtle dark gradients to stunningly vivid tones. Each pixel contains a full spectrum of color, opening up unlimited possibilities for enhancing your environment through color and light. The light is contained inside the panel using high quality 16 bit (CREE) LEDs offering a far deeper range of colors than conventional 8 bit LEDs.


Our panels are priced by the square foot/meter. Naturally the larger your order, the more we can help you economize. We require a minimum order of 2m²/10ft² per project. For pricing contact us and we'll usually get back to you within 24 hours.