Light. Color. Magic. 
LUMES. For spaces big & small. 

A light emitting tile system that mounts on any surface generating personalized live animations to enhance any space. LUMES are designed and built in Melbourne Australia with quality LEDs and materials to enhance longevity quality look and finish.


Flexible configurations

Mounted on walls or ceilings, the modular system is customizable to create a plethora of design configurations. The overall tile dimensions can be modified with large quantities. 


Dynamic live content

With endless generative animations, photos video and hue changing control, our custom built 3D software allows for a wide range of specially tailored content spanning from interactive 3D visuals, games, online data feeds and even smart phone control integration. 


Easy install and operate

LUMES are slim and take up minimal real-estate on the wall. They are efficient to run and require very little maintenance. The surface is Plexiglass, it's super strong and easy to clean.


Bright in daylight

LUMES are bright enough to illuminate dark spaces and even punch through natural light interiors .


Tile grille design 

The pixel grid pattern can customized to vary from hard-edged squares, soft edged circles to tessellated fractals to suit your space.


About the makers..

LUMES are lovingly crafted in Melbourne Australia by new media design studio ENESS. founded in 1997. We transform ordinary spaces and places into meaningful, interactive experiences. Our work has been exhibited worldwide in Museums of modern art, the Frenchiest of snowy alps, to the streets of Mumbai.

We create interactive art installations that combine varying disciplines, from fine art to software, architecture, music and even sport. We have pioneered the art of 3d projection mapping and real-time motion tracking of human movement in theatre, sporting events, and public installations. Our work often blurs the virtual with our physical surrounding, encouraging audiences to participate in our hyper-real world.