With endless generative animations, our custom built 3D software creates mesmerizing live content, from endless patterns to interactive activities and online data feeds all controlled from your phone.


Tile specifications

Mounted on walls or ceilings, our modular system is customizable to create a plethora of design configurations. The overall tile dimensions can be modified from square tiles to longer panels.  

Dimensions (mm)
L497 x W497 x H42
Frame finish
Anodized Aluminium
Front face
6mm Plexiglass acrylic
Split batten wall mounted system




LUMES panels can be made at heights of 249mm increments to suit different surface areas.




LUMES modular tile units, link together to form numerous configurations. LUMES are slim and take up minimal real-estate on the wall. They are efficient to run and require very little maintenance. The surface is Plexiglass, it's super strong and easy to clean.




Mounting system

LUMES can be mounted onto most existing wall surfaces, the tiles can also be recessed into walls. Customised backing boards are designed as per project, to ensure a seamless intergration with the wall. Cables for power and data can be surface mounted or chased into the wall. A split batten system is fitted to the backing boards for mounting the tiles.



Power and data

Consumption (per tile)
15 watts average 40 watts (full white)
Led voltage
Led lifetime
6 -10 years
Input voltage
Light source
144 RGB led per tile
Pixel pitch
Usage environment
Indoor only (ip22)
Relative humidity
max. 95% non-condensing
Led warranty
3 years




LUMES are bright enough to illuminate dark spaces and even punch through natural light interiors.


Endless possibilities..