Interactive Light Walls
ENESS LUMES pattern_01.jpg


A new take on an age old material. LUMES WOOD emits light through quality timber veneer, creating depth and warmth with an elegant architectural finish.

With architects DesignInc, we integrated LUMES WOOD into the entrance of Cabrini Hospital Malvern Paediatrics Ward. Their walls become an emotive canvas, as passing people trigger landscape and animal animations to kids' delight.


The bare essentials. Designed for versatility to work in high brightness, sun-filled environments. LUMES ARCYLIC is highly durable for common areas like atriums, foyers and walkways. 


LUMES FABRIC comes in a variety of light-filled soft materials from canvas, to wool, to synthetics. LUMES FABRIC adds a delicate look and feel with soundproofing qualities too. Great for hospitality and commercial spaces, lobbies, bars and clubs.